The incredible Orangutans of Borneo !!

The incredible Orangutans of Borneo !!

Imagine this…i was walking on the very narrow path in the rainforest of Tanjing Puting National Park in Borneo..just getting a feel of the jungle..on my first day..and i suddenly come across this incredible creature in front of me!! A beautiful Orangutan..standing up-right and gazing at me curiously !! This is my first sighting of an Orangutan ( ‘Pongo pygmaeus’) in it’s own habitat!!
He then started to walk directly towards me !! Notice how he is walking using his fists! I started to take pictures non-stop..and my guide tapped me on the shoulder and gently asked to get off the path !! He whispered ‘Uranus’ in my ears….

Only then i realised that my guides disappeared…as there was space only for me to crouch..on the side path. They took cover elsewhere! So it was just me and this massive male Orangutan..he simply came and sat down in front of me..only about 25-30 feet away!! I kept looking down…felt tense initially..but as he relaxed and started to gr0om himself, i too relaxed a bit and resumed taking a few pictures..but the clicking sound of my camera sometimes annoyed him..

Uranus is one of the big males of the area..and he was a dominant male not long ago..

He was so relaxed and gave me so many poses…notice his cheek-pads…i was too thrilled and excited to even breathe!!

He groomed himself non-nonchalantly…just observe his amazingly long feet which are so human-like!!
They are actually like our hands with long fingers…which enable Orangutans to grasp branches of trees as they move along gracefully among them.

I was mesmerised by his expressions and his mere up-close and intimate!

After a good ten minutes he decided to walk away..and he seems to wave me good-bye!!
He has such beautiful and luxuriant hair..and the ochre colour is so striking!

Uranus gave me one final he sat on the same path i had walked just a few minutes back! Just look at his rain-forest habitat!!
I was so moved by such a sudden and close encounter with one of the great apes of our world that i just sat there breathless!!


  1. Durgesh · October 1, 2009 Reply

    Year of the Apes – Way to go Sarath. When will U b back in Central India? Cheers, DK

  2. Sarath C R · October 4, 2009 Reply

    Sooon! Already dreaming about Polar Bears! Thanks!

  3. Harkirat · October 18, 2009 Reply

    fantastic sir…big fan!

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