Back from an amazing trip !!

Back from an amazing trip !!

Bale Mountain National Park-Ethiopia

I just got back from a most amazing trip to Masai Mara, where i spent 3 weeks and Ethiopia !!

The highlights were:
1. Camping in the middle of Masai Mara..with Lions calling close by at night and avoiding Hippos in the pre-dawn darkness, while walking to the Loo!
2. Fantastic sightings in the Mara-about 25 different Male Lions, many more Lioness with Cubs, several hunts with one photographed entirely! Superb Cheetah sightings, Black Rhino, Martial Eagle with a kill etc!!
3. Discovering a lovely new country, Ethiopia! And visiting the hauntingly beautiful Bale Mountain NP, where i was extremely fortunate to see the Ethiopian Wolf and also the endemic Mountain Nyala…also many endemic birds.
As soon as i landed, i had to travel to Kanha..where the connectivity is really bad..i managed to upload one picture! You will have to wait for some more days for more!


  1. PARIN SHAH · September 30, 2010 Reply

    seems like another awesome trip sarath. please upload lots of pictures :-)

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