Atmospheric in Bandipur!

Atmospheric in Bandipur!


 Summer Thunder Storm at Bandipur!

The rain clouds were building up since noon…we were filming inside Bandipur last week…and something told us to get on top of Bollugudda to get a bird’s eye view..and our timing was just perfect! Just as we got there, the lightning and thunder peaked and we could see the clouds actually open up..and the rain approaching us…as the wind howled, it brought rain cascading down in sheets! The dry forest welcomed this summer was as if the parched earth and the rain clouds¬† conspired to bring relief to the wild animals and birds!

photo 1

This ‘panoramic’ picture is from my phone but does some justice to the scenery as it unfolded in front of our eyes! It was a treat to all the senses…watching the elements of Nature unfold right before your eyes! We got thoroughly drenched in the rain and it was suddenly so cold!!

What an amazing experience in Bandipur! With this rain and some more which followed in a few days, the threat of forest fire has abated for this year!

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