Masai Mara Diaries 2014

Masai Mara Diaries 2014


You do not have to see animals in the great Masai Mara! The landscapes are so magical that you will be mesmerised at the sheer beauty of this slice of nature…in the magical continent of Africa!! This is one of my favourite images of the wonderful three weeks i spent here this year…i call it ‘the Ostrich kingdom’. I consider myself so fortunate to get such an opportunity every year…and yet fall in love with the place, even more every time! Please click and enlarge there images to appreciate them more….


The openness of the grasslands and the blue skies with clouds….and the animals which lend such character to this land…make the Masai Mara so special to me!


The sheer density of wildlife these Savannah grasslands support is simply mind-boggling! Everywhere you see you will find these great plains teeming with wild animals during the time of the Great Migration…which is what we come here to witness every year…


The images of so many animals i saw are still so fresh in my mind…it seems like a Dream!



‘Lionscape’ in the Mara! Late one evening we saw this young Lion surveying his land from a ‘kopje’ or a rocky outcrop…Lion King style!


Sunsets are always so magical in the Masai Mara!! There images are an introduction to my Masai Mara diaries 2014…i hope to share many stories from this wonderland…so watch this space!


  1. Tanvi · October 3, 2014 Reply

    Beautiful, Sarath! Thank you so much for guiding us around this magical place.

    • Sarath · October 3, 2014 Reply

      Absolutely my pleasure Tanvi…to guide you and all the keen people from your family!! I enjoyed it a lot myself!

  2. Akash Panchbudhe · October 3, 2014 Reply

    Wonderful write up, it inspire all of us to dream big, and love our life surrounded by such pristine jungles

    Keep us posted!!

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