Sarath.3Always been a dreamer…as a child, dreamed about the Garden Lizards and Frogs, i used to catch..and then about the Phantom and Tarzan characters i read about in comics…later came the world of books, which my father introduced me to. And one memorable day, i could lay my hands on a book written by Jim Corbett! His stories captivated me…and i tumbled into the world of wild animals..began to dream about them..which lit the spark of my life-long love affair with wild animals and their beautiful worlds!

Not a day passes, when i do not remind myself of how fortunate i am…to be doing what i am doing…being a Naturalist and roaming the wild spaces of India and the world…Guiding people and trying to inspire them! Making them appreciate and love wild animals too…and do whatever they can to conserve our precious wildlife and their beautiful habitats.

I am very privileged to have travelled to many amazing natural landscapes of India since the past thirty years and also to some stunning wild spots in the world in East and South Africa, Borneo, Arctic and the Antarctica. I dream of travelling to many more wild places in future. Yes, i am acutely aware that i have only one life…so i am Greedy to travel as much as i can!

These are my stories…i hope that you enjoy them, as much as i did living through them…and i hope you like them enough to spread them to your friends!

Happy Dreaming !!